Aging Is A Path We All Walk

That pathway has many twists and turns, choosing which to take can be a challenge.  We’re here to show you where  different paths can lead and help you as travel on them.

Which part of the path are you on?

Healthy Wealthy Aging is here to support you no matter where you are on life’s path.  We do so with our posts, books, courses and suggestions.

The challenges of life seem to have become more complicated often seeing things from a different perspective can help to reduce some of the complexity.

At some point we are all part of the Sandwich Generation

Keep in the Swing

My Parents


My Family

Helping Aging Parents

At some point, each of may be faced with helping aging parents, but those parents will be different than in their parents time.  Seniors are savvier, many in better health and most want more control over their life.  That’s a good thing but it may come with more challenges for you.

Looking After Yourself

Finally, women say we can do it all, have a family, a career and stay connected with parents.  A wish come true but one that could come at a cost to you if you haven’t learned how to balance all these things long wished for.  The key word here is balance.  An element often missed in the challenges of the day.

Taking care of Family

The family is at the root of a happy and fulfilled life, but making so just doesn’t happen.  What parent hasn’t struggled with putting family first while ensuring they are doing what is required at work to progress.  Doing both effectively requires planning not only your time but your family’s as well.

Interesting conversations

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