What’s Your Main Concern About Aging?

Aging gets everyone riled up in one way or another.


The complaints about doing so range from losing their looks to losing their mind, and everything in between.

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Your looks are kinda like money, they won’t make you happy while you are aging but they can be a great moral booster when people compliment you on how young you look.  And if you appear younger than your age what you think is considered more relevant.

We All know looks aren’t everything!

Aging and Your Briain

Why is that looks still seem to be attached to intelligence?  And still attached to gender.  Consider the following:

At 40 I  was considered pretty smart for my age

At 50  what I thought seemed less interesting

At 60 What I said was dismissed as not relevant

At 70 people simply stopped asking or listening

Who do you think I heard that from?

It might surprise you to know it was a man!

Most women are used to have their intelligence associated with how they look.  Blondes have long been perceived as less intelligent than brunettes.  Skinny women as having more business savvy than overweight women.

Well, it seems that attitude has expanded to include men.  But why?

Men of all ages and sizes historically have been considered more intelligent will more business savvy.  I’m not saying that this change is a bad thing.  I am saying that the change has the concern over aging now focused on our minds.

Being thought worthy of listening is now more about age than looks.   As we get older it appears that we are now perceived as losing our ability to think simply because of our age.

Anyone past the age of 50 will know that what others are thinking with respect to your knowledge and mental capacity is not valid.   It is this thinking that will continue to be a challenge as you get older and one that you need to win over.

This is why keeping your brain sharp is one of the most important elements to managing as you get older.

Here is a guide to help you do just that.

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