What does tomorrow hold for you?

None of us knows what tomorrow holds, but if tomorrow had you waking up to not only to the day but a day filled with worry and concern how would you deal with it?

Life doesn’t care what your reality is you are the only one that really cares. Too many of us carry our worries on the inside, which is what makes it worse when it comes to managing our lives.

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Stress will always be there what you need to do is confront it with action. You can get up and get going or allow yourself go down that long lonely walk to despair and decline.


If you are reading this then you are aware that readers hear subscribe to our mantra – if it’s to be it’s up to me.  That being the case, when life gets you down, distract yourself, work it off doing something that requires your full attention.



Another option for dealing with those concerns that many find helpful. Use a stress journal whether on the computer or written by hand it is helpful just to acknowledge those concerns by getting them out of your head. It is surprising how just writing it down and bring it to light can lighten your own load. If you not into journaling you may want to try just writing down what bothering you on a piece of paper and beside it writing down all the options hour can think of to resolve whatever is bothering you.

The point I’m driving at here is that doing nothing to confront your concern or worry which is a form of stress is like sitting in the middle of the road watching a car coming down the hoping the driver will see you but not moving to help yourself. Stress does just that to too many people, it causing them to freeze in place rather than doing something. However something big or little is better than doing nothing at all.


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