What are you doing to make life happen your way?

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So many people get lost in saying – Oh well that’s life and never really asking why something happen.  More often than not what happened was directly related to something they have or haven’t done.

How often have you said that you didn’t or couldn’t do something because life got in the way?  Really – life got in the way? Whose way did it get in, whose life was it?

It was your life and how did it get it the way?  You are living your life, and every step you take should be moving you forward.  If there is a rock in the way, you step over it.  If there is a tree in the way, you go around it.  Even if your life leads you to a river you find a way across it.

I’m sure you have read; Every action creates a reaction.   Well, it is also said that no action also creates its’ own reaction.


So why is it that so many people can’t move their lives forward in a positive way?  They procrastinate, they complain, they postpone their lives. Some would say they suffer from analysis paralysis.  It isn’t just the big things that stop them, it is also the small things which are often more important when it come to making things happen your way.

Here is list of small everyday decisions that people young and old have trouble making:

  • what to have for lunch

  • where to have dinner

  • when to go on holiday

  • which new phone to buy

  • Silly, right?

But nonetheless, these are  things I see people getting stuck on.  When I was working in was an ongoing conversation at the office about what to have for lunch or where to go for dinner.  Now was that due to having too many options that making a decision was difficult or was it the crowd waiting for someone to take control and tell them what they were going to have?

The same could be said for the rest- why are we always waiting for someone else to make decisions for us and if so why?

As we get older there are fewer people around to lead the way.  Aging doesn’t just mean getting older it also means making decisions for us that suit us and how we want to live our lives.  It also means that we need to take action because there is no crowd for us to follow.

Taking action when it comes to our lives mean having faith in ourselves to do the right thing.  We wouldn’t consciously take the wrong road, just like we wouldn’t consciously buy something that didn’t do what we needed it to do.

All us of knows people who are just doers; they seem to know what steps to take, what things need to be done and when.  There is another crowd who appear fearless; they have lots on the go, but somehow they never seem to finish.

Where do you fit?  As we get older the less often we are able to make a decision for ourselves the less we will enjoy what is left of our lives.

So what to do?  We know the problem – it’s us!  We all know that identifying the problem is the first step to finding a solution for it.  So I ask you aging – What are you doing to make life happen way?

If you are not sure, let me help you by providing some of the ground work for taking action in your life.

It starts with asking yourself;

  • What do I really want?


  • What makes me happy?


  • What do I want my life to look like as I get older?


  • What have I been putting off?


  • And the most important question: What am I waiting for?

    Once  you have gotten your mind to work through, under, over or around these questions you will have reached the door of opportunity to step through to the next step.











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