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    If you have reached this site then you and I are not that different. Being several years past the prescribed seniors age, I am looking to live the Best Rest of My life.  It has been said that we often teach what we most need to learn. Well,  if that is true then this site is my way of teaching what I am learning about how to live the life I want, where I want, how I want, when I want.

    Now that may sound selfish to some, but I heard a young celebrity in ad for luxury cars say this:

    Taking care of yourself does more than just your care of yourself.

    And I thought how appropriate for us as we age.  Why?  Because in truth the more we do to look after ourselves the more we do for our families and society.

    How so you ask?

    Well consider how our kids feel as they watch us age.  Most of them are constantly concerned about our well being, what will happen if we get sick, are we eating enough, are we able to look after ourselves, and what will happen when we can’t? When it comes to society, if we look after ourselves we don’t become a burden on society.  Our hospitals, nursing homes and seniors lodges have enough to deal with in helping many who can no longer help themselves.  We need to do whatever we can to not add to the load.

    So if we take care of ourselves we are in turn taking care of them as well.  I know that the ad was meant to talk about the environment, but it struck a cord that at least for me spoke to family and society as well.

    That is the intent of this site.   Sharing lessons we can all learn about taking care of our selves with the goal of living the best rest of our lives.

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