Wait Time

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How many of us that travel, be it on holiday, visiting family or even on business spend a more time waiting than actually flying.  Just look at the list of waiting:

  1. Check in,
  2. Boarding time (these days you have to check 2 hours before for any out of country flight),
  3. Getting seated (there is always a hold up as people stow their carry on stuff),
  4. Taking off (more planes more planes in the queue),
  5. To get off the plane,
  6. For luggage,
  7. For a taxi or shuttle
  8. To check in at the hotel

By the time this all done we have to wait for tomorrow to do anything because we’re too tired.

Isn’t funny that as we have waited for what seems a long time from planning to doing that the actual destination seems like a let down.

I mean the excitement starts at the planning stage but everything after that is spent waiting.

The older I get the less patient I seem to be with the whole waiting things.  Now when we plan our trips we do so with this in mind.  Heck time is getting in short supply these days.

Young people are always rushing to something, and busy, busy, busy, doing, and they have a lot more to do so.  We seniors have less time to do whatever we want to do.

So the question is how do we maximize our time and minimize the wait time?

I’m open to ideas.




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