Time will tell the truth, will you?

Time tells on all of us as we get older.   How will you have it show on you?

Aging and how you age is often a reflection of how you view your life.  Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty kinda person?  Each of these perspectives has a different affect on you are viewed by others.

Perception is everything when it comes to aging

No matter what your current age the one true thing is that you are not alone, we are all aging. The difference is in how we are aging. Some people age well, others not so much.  As time goes on we show our age in many different ways.  In almost all cases it is our attitude towards the aging process that tends to show more so than any other.


Time will tell how fear will show up.

Fear of aging ends up having us looking haggard and worried. Those over time show as Frown lines and Wrinkles.

Treating aging as an adventure that you want others to join in tells a different story over time.  Sure you will still get lines and wrinkles but this time they are seen as Laugh Lines and Crinkles that are a result of enjoying the journey.

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Aging occurs no matter what we do to fight it. How we age really comes down to how we live. Most of us will endure some form of struggle at some point in our life.  No one said it would be a walk in the park or bed of roses.  Unlike our parents who knew little about it, the aging process has been shown to be more than pure genetics. Yes, genetics play some part on how we look physically, but they are not the only source of how we look as we age.

The test of time is how you adapt, adjust and accept the challenges of life.  If truth be known those who don’t wear time on their faces are most often people who have had more than their fair share of strife and struggle but have refused to let it define them.  They are the lucky ones who when asked to tell how they can look and appear so well after what they have through and they tell the truth are not believed.

What will your truth be?


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