Time Waits for No One! On to the next book

I know the original says “man” but this is the era of equality, and I didn’t want to be accused of being sexist. And in this case, I am talking about how it does seem that I am the only one waiting on time. I spend a lot of time writing my books. The one recently published, “The Hardest Conversation” and then I spent time waiting for it to edited. Then I wasted time, reviewing, rethinking, revisiting and filing it. For the first time, the process time was waiting on me, and that was not a good thing. Why? Because I had written that, I was going to publish the book. I tweeted (yup I know what a tweet is although I am not as free with my words as Donald Trump) about the book coming out. So if I say it, I must do it, and I wasn’t doing it which was not fair to the people that may have considered buying my book.

So while the saying is “time waits for no one,” the ones waiting for my time to publish a book,  is the same.  No one wants to take the time to wait for something promised, but that takes too long to deliver.

Well, the book has been published and I am on to the next.  If you don’t have it yet you can get it by clicking here.

Here is an excerpt from the new book..

Clean Your House Before You Leave

Dealing with the “family treasures, so your kids won’t have to


If you have live to the age where this book is of interest to you, then you have live through the death of a family member.  And do you remember not only the pain of the loss but the pain of having to decide what to do with all the things they have left behind?  If you have you will understand the need to not to get lost in the complacency of living and thinking I’m fine, there is no urgency.  No matter what your current age and I am thinking if you are reading this book you are past the age of 50, the end of life is but a heartbeat away.  The time to do this is now!  And there is another critical piece of information we all need to be aware of, your will in most cases does not tell your loved one what to do with ALL your stuff.  Therefore, if you think it the line of “I hereby give, devise and bequeath all of my worldly goods and assets of my estate to “someone,”  Will is going to save you from having to clean your house now is too little information and too late to be of any comfort the family.  So let’s begin the process while we are still able. I promise going through the step as they are laid out in this book will make the whole task less stressful.

I hope you like this introduction to my new book and that it will entice you to read, more, but even as write my mind wanders to the thing  I find most difficult. Creating a cover that will attract attention once the book is written.

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