Aging In place conjures up images of dispair



I recently wrote a book titled “Staying Home in your 70’s, 80’s, and beyond”. That book could I guess be reflective of the now popular term , but that term just doesn’t still well with me.  For some reason when I think of aging in place the words I visualize an old woman, worn and tired, sitting in a dusty room I’m some lonely house with a table of pill bottles beside her.

Sorry just not what I am looking for in my old .  Granted we all slow down some what as we age and some of us require medication.  That is not what bothers me.  It is the “in place” part that nags at me.  In place could be just that sitting in one place while others care for you.  I want to be in my own home, where ever I choose that to be, and with me looking after me as long as humanly possible.  An if things change I want to have had my say as to how those changes will affect me.

So barring any catastrophic event, I will continue to view my future and aging as Staying Home.


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