There Is More To Aging Than Just Ourselves

Getting older often means we are tasked with helping our own aging parents.

Given the longevity of our populous today, our parents are apt to still be quite healthy and active. And while they may not be in need of in-home or medical care they will still have things in their lives that they are eventually going to need help with. Having gone through this process with several of my siblings who were 14+ years older than I and my parents I discovered that helping them, in fact getting them to let me help was a challenge. These challenges took on many aspects that I had not considered.

Many of the challenges had more to do with my approach to the topic than the actual topics themselves.  Had I been aware of them the stress of helping could have been less for both of us.

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With the focus of this site being aging, it seemed appropriate that I start to include topics around not only our own aging process but also the aging of our loved ones. That prompted me to release my newest book in the STAYING HOME series. Each book that I have written has a little different take on what that means. Some are written for the reader and set out the necessary steps they need to take themselves in order for them to stay in their homes as they age.

The newest is intended for adult children of aging parents and what they need to know in order for them to help their parents make decisions that may be difficult. The information provided in this book can help make that process less stress for everyone.  Here are a few examples of what is covered in this book, some may surprise you:

Why timing is critical

The part personalities and temperament play in the process

Speak of now, not tomorrow

Tell me why, not What

Give Options not Opinions

Your can get your copy HERE


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