The start of the new school year is always a challenging time.

Whether your kids are taking their first steps into education, are in middle school, or even off to college new beginnings create a sense of excitement.

But they also require some help with  planning if they are to get off on the right foot.

Technology is a good tool for learning but sometimes it takes the old fashion handwritten word to keep on track.  

Hardcopy books are often easier to access.

Computers, tablets and even smartphones have their place, but when it comes to keeping track of class schedule, special events, teacher/student engagement and classmates hardcopy records are easier to access.  This is especially true when the information needs to be available to those not in online instagram or chat groups.  

Student Planners save the day!

Once the children get the age where they are have to do homework, attend special events, need to track their marks a student school planner is the best way for them to stay organzied.  Hardcopy, paper plans create less stress than having find something to write in on a smart phone or tablet.  Good planners keep everything needed in an orderly fashion in one place.  

We created the Ultimate School Planner especially for our readers.

Here's what's included:

  • 254 printable pages
  • Monthly calendars
  • Weekly scheduler
  • Daily scheduler
  • Parent/Teach Meeting schedules
  • Teacher communication 
  • Meeting notes
  • Classmate contact information
  •  Subject Marks Tracker
  • Attendance Records
  • and much,much more!

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