The Bee’s Knee – sure weren’t Arthritic Knees

As I was sitting (attempting to) on the back deck the other day I was bombarded with Bees. I have no idea where they were coming from and my first thought, after attempting to protect myself from them was, what the heck are they still doing here.  I know our summer is officially over so why aren’t they be on their way to wherever they go for the winter. And this picture of our harvest moon IMG_0170that my husband took  the previous evening convinced me even more that the bees should be gone.

Not only should they be leaving I’m thinking we need to  start making plans to do so as well. Mexico seems to be calling or howling at our moon and maybe it is time to listen.  The change in the weather is also starting to affect my knee’s.  And I bet I’m not the only one who is going to be affected by this condition in the coming months.

Unlike my friends in Austraila or Mexico winter will be upon us in the far North soon and they this one will be cold and snowy.  That doesn’t bode well for those with Arthritis.

I recalled the old saying about say you are The Bee’s Knees, I thought boy they sure weren’t talking about Arthritic Knees.

Those thoughts brought me to what I wrote in my recent book on Osteoarthritis of the Knee and how to manage it.

As we currently settle into fall I’m sure many of us will feel the pain of arthritis start to set in. A precursor one might say for what is to come. Most of us are well aware  that moving (the body) is the only solution to warding off the most severe of it. But moving is often what sets the pain off.  One thing we need to remember is that the first pain that occurs on movement does lessen the more we move it. When it comes to the knees though the pain seems more difficult to avoid. Standing cause pressure on the joint and bending it causes more as the ligaments are stretched.  There  is a way to help reduce the pain which I discover while looking for a  solution to my own issues.

As I was researching my knee problem, the results ultimately morphed into a book on Osteoarthritic Knee Pain Management. If you are feeling the pain and need relief you can get it by clicking this  Button  Buy my product  or  by reading more below and then clicking on the link beside the description.  I think you will find the information helpful.

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