The amazing and unique ways in which the Brain and Body work together

unknown-1769656_640Our brains are phenomenal organs not only do they interpret what is happening in our world, but they also create it.  Without our brain everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell would mean nothing. These are the sensors we use to interact with our brain.

We are all unique in our quirky sort of ways, but do you know what made you that way?  You did!

Our brains are exceptionally adaptable, and you can lead the way.  You don’t have to be a doctor to do so.  We all remember the quotes from various people who themselves were not scientist or psychologist.  Bruce Lee said, “As you think so shall you become.”  Proverbs 4:23 – (I am paraphrasing) Be careful how you think, your life is determined by your thoughts.  Even the motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, and Dr. Wayne Dyer promote the concept that you are what you think.

But there is more to our brains than just us leading or pushing or making it do what we want. Many people think that the brain and the mind are the same. The brain and mind exist as separate entities, your brain as the physical and your mind the nonphysical.   You might be surprised to find that there is no agreed definition of the mind.

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For most, though the brain and the body work in concert and react to both physical and visual impulses the mind sends. It is this combination that makes us so amazing. Your mind sends sensory impulses to the brain which then sends the signals you have given it to the rest of the body.

Your mind interprets and shapes the strategy you send to the brain, and your body reacts to what the brain is telling it. For example, if you see a bus coming towards a child your optical sensor sends a signal of danger to the brain, and your body reacts by pulling the child out of harm’s way.

Additionally, when you smell something foul your smell sensor (the nose)  sends a message to your brain that in turn signals your body get rid of or away from the offending source. That connection with and our ability to manage the brain doesn’t diminish with age, in fact, it can increase as long as we are aging consciously.

As we get older, it seems we get happier. Why is that?

The reasons given are simpler than one might think.  Getting older often means we are no longer required to live life on other people’s terms.  Those other people could be a boss, a partner or a family member.  Oddly enough getting older makes other people “leave us alone.”  By that, I mean that as we age many people consider that we have somehow become wiser, so our bosses and younger co-workers tend not to question our actions accepting what we are telling them as fact.  And let’s face it when someone agrees with us we are happier.

When it comes to relationships as we get older our partners and other family members, tend to consider what we say or do as “that’s just how we are, ” and they are no longer as argumentative as they were when we (and they) were younger.  Aging seems to bring with some perceive wisdom and when we feel viewed as wise, we are in turn happier with ourselves and our lives.

And none of this happens without our bodies and brains working together.  Our minds work to confirm what others are seeing and our body, in turn, works to ensure it delivers on what we are feeling.

Science is also showing that we become more liberal and in some cases sharper with age.  Our attitudes become more liberal about politics, religion, race and gender.  Our views become less critical of these then when we were young. In fact, many of us now balk at what we see as kids being so opinionated.  We were those young people; it is not until we get older that we see the folly in such opinions.  We also realize that young people will need time to experience more if life and we do not attempt to impose our opinion of life upon them.

Once more it is our attitude towards aging that allows us to be more liberal and that a positive attitude is only visible when we are paying attention to the aging process.  Our minds and points of view are what can propel us forward into a happy and fulfill future life.

Let me share one last point on how our brains and body work together for remarkable results as we age with consciousness. As we get older, most of us are concerned about what our health will be in the future.  And by far the single largest fear is the potential for the loss of our minds.   Fortunately, there are significant scientific studies that point to physical exercise as being the single most important thing you can do for your brain and its’ long-term health.

Surprisingly while meditation is still considered an important aspect of living long and living well, the difference here is that it is a regular aerobic exercise that is seen as most beneficial for the brain.  It seems the effect of moving not only the body but the mind along with it and moving an aging body requires the brain to work harder.  This extra brain stimulation apparently helps to keep the synapses in shape.  Synapses connect the nerve cells that help form memories.  If the science is correct, then we have at least part of the solution for keeping our wits about us we age.  Therefor aerobic exercise should be part of any conscious aging program.


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