That fleeting thing called MONEY

The one thing I have learned about wealth in my life is that it is fleeting. There have been times when money was almost note; I said “almost”, no object. Which translated means, I had a good job, my husband had a good job and our income far exceeded our expenses, so we spent freely and might I add “foolishly”. I am sure many of you can relate to buying something just because you liked not needed it. It may have been a short-lived experience or simply an attempt to ease the pain of having no money, but we have all done it, I’m sure.
The other thing I didn’t do is exactly what I get after (hound is more like it) my kids to do now is when they had a surplus funds was to put away in some interest bearing vehicle enough money to last through 3 months of living expenses. I am not quite sure why the three months, but it seems to me that we were never really out of work or lacking for funds no matter what the situation for more than three months.
Symbol of wealth and success - rain from dollars
The other thing about money is that when we had it other things just seem to go well. We and our kids didn’t seem to have dental or health issues. No one seemed in need of clothes, our cars worked well and household furnishings exceeded our needs. But during those have not days everything that could possibly go wrong did. The car would break down, the fridge quit, the dryer wouldn’t dry, the kids seem to just grow out of their clothes overnight and the schools also made demands on our already limited funds for a class outing or field trip.
So I guess the whole point to this rambling is that I hope others are smarter than I when it comes to money and do what I pushed our kids to do. I know I wasn’t disciplined enough to do so and suffered the consequences even today. Thank goodness our girls learn to live by the rule of “do as I say, not as I do”.

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