Temporary Solutions result in permanent mistakes

Short Term vs Long Term Solutions

Make a plan

We all have a tendency to pick short term over the long term when we have issues that need addressing.  Planning when it come to our job or even our kids seem to come easy.  Heck, we would want our kids to miss out on getting on the team for their favorite sport.  Getting there requires making room for the time slot in the family schedule.  Paying for equipment isn’t in the immediate budget so we have to make a plan for the fees over the long term.  And if we don’t  the longer term and lasting negative effect on the family can become untenable.

Mistakes that Last

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One mistake that will last a lifetime was when we learned how to save for the school and sports fees but failed to learn how to save for our retirement.  Many of us didn’t and in fact, the plan for paying for the kid’s stuff came out of our retirement plan.  As the saying goes there no use crying over slipped milk.



spilled milk


But now we need to make sure going forward that we stop using temporary solutions when it comes to our future.  We can no longer afford to make mistakes especially when the result of them become permanent.

Here is one common area that we often come up with temporary solutions for, but can result in being permanent mistakes

Our health – the easiest to create a short term solution for because we give the problem to someone else – our Doctor.  We have some minor issue and we do the obvious thing – go to the doctor.  The doctor prescribes something (that is not always a pill) for us and we do one of three things that affect us long term.

a) we don’t take the medication and the condition becomes more severe and possible permanent

b) we don’t follow their advice which could be a diet change and the condition morphs into something more serious

c) we don’t follow their instructions to self-monitor and manage our condition, such as blood pressure or sugar.  And the condition that could possibly have been managed without medical intervention now becomes a permanent one.


Temporary Solutions Come from Outside

We often seek solutions to our problem from external sources rather than looking inside for them.  The more we rely on others for results the harder it is for us to depend on ourselves.  In fact, the more we abdicate our problem to others to find a solution the less like we are to be able to find our own way.  The solutions may provide temporary relief but over the long term become a mistake that we will make over and over.  Ultimately we end up living with that mistake permanently as we give our power over to others.

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