Technology is the Consciously Aging’s Competitive Advantage

[bctt tweet=”Conscious aging means using technology to our advantage and to not let it take advantage of us.” username=”KoyamaRuth”]Learn to use it, it will help your brain.  Don’t let your brain down, you’re going to  need it

Sharing images online can improve cognitive thinking as they promote without forcing them, memory, perception, problem-solving, and creativity.

Advances in technology allow everyone to stay connected.This ability to be in constant contact reduces the constant stress parents and grandparents experience when the kids are on their own.

Virtual healthcare is becoming more and more accepted and will be mainstream by the time some boomers find themselves in need of it.

Technology once a tool of the trade for the IT department are now the tools of the trade of living.

  • From smartphones to the internet
  • From cloud computing to wearable technology
  • Senior couple pointing to a message on their tablet PC.

Technology is a challenge for the mind before and after the job.  A good thing for those who have chosen to age consciously.  The information needed for the next challenge is always close.

All boomers are now computer savvy to some degree.  Most of us no matter what our age carry smartphones and use Ipads or tablets to keep up with their favorite things.

The key is not to let those computer skills lag in retirement or as you get older.  Out of the workforce doesn’t mean being out of touch with technological developments.


Improvement in everyday technology tools makes it possible for even the eldest of our society to get on board.

Online shopping is a boon for housebound seniors as is in home care thanks to technology. Healthcare alerts and visual security systems have become more effective and cost efficient for all parties. Aging parents can feel more independent using health monitors.

Virtual social environments now allow connections around the world.Families can connect from almost anywhere; parents can watch as kids they come and go from home while they are working. An extension of that will be adult children being able to monitor aging parents while they are at work.

Visual conversations through Skype and Facetime help to keep and make social engagements more authentic. Laughter without seeing the face that goes with it just isn’t the same.

It is this technology that makes it possible for us to age consciously by keeping us aware of the world around us. And all of this is available today and who knows what changes will occur in the world in the not too distant future, which is why we need to keep up. In order for  us to benefit from these developments in technology,  we have to learn how to use it to our advantage and educate ourselves on how not to be taken advantage of by it. 



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