Take the Step! Your first step to aging well.

Most of us have heard or read something to the effect – Take the step: the bridge will be there.  I know I have read the book written by Grace Cirocco and heard it in some old movie.  At the time it didn’t mean much. I think that getting older has helped me think about it with a little more clarity, and I can see how it applies even more as we age. One of the things I remember from the book was a section on the masks we assume and wear over the course of our life.

A couple of them come to mind as I write this post.  They are:

  • busy bee

  • self-sufficient

  • super mom/dad

  • caretaker of the world

As I think of these, I know I often aspired to be the person each one of these masks proclaimed me to be.  Another thing I notice as a wrote those (and many others) down was that not one of them addressed ME as a person and someone who also needed looking after, being cared for or loved.


I know I am not alone here,  so many of us have lived our lives taking care of business at home and work.  Well I  think now is OUR TIME, but there is still much to be learned for that time to be a good time.

And now with most of the need for our nurturing time over it is our time to look after us.  For some of us, that means learning new things, and one of those things is our health.  If you are like most parents, your health was the least important item on your to-do list.  Well now is the time for us to learn just what it takes to look after ourselves instead of others.

Having said that I also remember the old saying – When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Isn’t it funny the difference a decade makes?   I know the song says “what a difference a day makes,” but as you get older the things we should have paid attention to and didn’t happen years ago.  I think we become more attuned to life as we age than we ever did or could have when we were younger

Well, I think the student in ready and while I am still able I want to learn.   What I am most eager to learn is what I share on this site.

And once again I don’t think I am the only one aging that also wants to find out how to do it well.   One of the first things I found while looking at what was needed to age well was about determining what my baseline was.  If you don’t know what your current health is how can you manage it going forward?

During my search on what things, I needed to learn and understand about my health I created a roadmap that you might find helpful as well.  I was going to insert it in the post, but it becomes unreadable

But you can get your FREE copy of it by clicking HERE!


Stay tuned and we can all take the step and find our bridge to living well, living happy, living long together.


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