Old and Disprespected

If you have arrived on this site it probably because you searched on one of the many keywords related to and or retirement.

I know that because the chances are slim to none that you got here from typing in the URL www.rkayic.com.  Why, because the title is really a play on my name, initials actually, and the phonic pronunciation of the word Archaic.  This is what some would say I am.  RKAYIC

Well I may be Rkayic, but I’m not dead yet and neither are a lot of my friends of the same era.  The problem is much of society seems to disagree with that.  If you did a search on “aging” you will find that the first page of Google brings back mostly government sites, institutions and public sites.  Try and you get silly things like senior dating, senior housing and again health care facilities or nursing sites.

Great, good information for those people looking out for seniors, but what about us Seniors ourselves. Outside of the dating site, which for most of my friends is not on the top of their needs list, there is little else that addresses us as people or even human beings.

What the heck is going on?  I may be pushing 70, but I am not in-firmed, nor have I lost my faculties.

A concept that is often challenged by young people.

I was discussing a topic the other day with a young man who was saying he had experience in this, and in that and had done this and that.  So I asked him how he could possibly have done and gained experience in some many things.

His response to was: “you are out of touch with the world, your depth of experience (40 years) in this one area means nothing in the workplace today.  The only thing that matters now is breadth of experience and you have none of that”.

The young man was 37 years old.

I was astounded and speechless.  Not only because I found his comments  demeaning but totally disrespectful.  But, heh, maybe I’m just too old and take offence to easily.  Again his comment.

But insolent young people aside, where are we as seniors?  Are we truly nonentities?

I recall a saying I saw in some craft store one day which read:

  • At 30 you are invincible
  • At 40 you become insignificant
  • At 50 you are invisible
  • After 60 you cease to exist

This of course, was referring to women, but I’d guess there is something similar for men somewhere and now on the internet, not some little craft store.  Being on the net somehow makes it official.

So my question is why aren’t we  “the senior crowd” sticking up for ourselves.  We taught our kids about it and I guess we are teaching Grandchildren, but what about US?

The news abounds with BULLING being the number one issues kids face today.  Now they not only have to deal with these “misunderstood , they have to avoid the gunslingers coming and shoot them in school.

But those kids are not alone.

Seniors Face Bullying on an unprecedented scale from Millennials’ and the  gen X-ers

As seniors, we face a barrage of name calling, discounting and rude behaviour, albeit not from our peers, but from the demographic that will someday be in control of our world, the environment and us.

No, I am not crying for a call to arms.  Wouldn’t that look just too funny, a band of seniors with some single shot rifles from the second world war, marching on who?? Our kids, our former bosses, our doctors?








Aging is natural


Aging is a natural process, but how you is what matters to most people.

Aging means many things to different people. To some the concern is about looks, to others it is about performance, and another may be concerned about their body. If you are like me my concern about aging is more about moving than how I look. For years women have been the most concerned about their looks. It seems to me a recent phenomenon for men to be not just concerned but overly concerned about their looks. I must say that to some degree I think it’s a good thing. I can recall being young and the biggest concern the boys had was about getting enough grease in their hair to make it stay up in an Elvis do. If that doesn’t give away my age nothing will.

The male concern about their looks today includes their skin, face, hair, and smell. Some of the products do surprise me. Such as very expensive colognes, but you must remember that most of the men I grew up with used Old Spice, which I see has made a comeback. Shaving was simply a battle over masculinity! You were presumed a lesser man if you used an electric razor instead of a real blade. Now I feel pity for young men just starting to shave because it is no longer just a choice between the two but between seemingly hundreds of different types of single blade, twin blade even triple blades. I don’t to see much in the way of electric razors, but I’m sure the electric razors are out there somewhere.

Women and men, both, it appears these days more concerned about looking young or younger than they are about being youthful as they age. I have seen women who look like they are in their 40’s but act like they are in their nineties. No amount of face cream can change that. I have also seen women in their 70’s that act like they are 50 something. These are the people I would aspire to be. That is if I wasn’t already in my 70’s. I sure hope I am not viewed as someone in their 90’s yet. Whatever that will look or feel like.

So tell me which would you rather have? Good looks, by way of face that doesn’t match you body, or a strong and flexible body, with a face that looks like it earned the years of staying fit?


Take a look at video below. To be honest this how I am looking forward to living as I age. If I can dance like this woman at her 90th birthday, I will think I have lived a wonderful life.