Summertime Breathes Life into more than the Flowers

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy going out on our deck in the morning to have coffee.  I can see green grass and since the neighbours asked to use our pasture again  watch the cows and their calves munching away.  I can also see our flowers that we have decided this year to put in pots, container gardening is what they call it.

Last year we attempted to become gentlemen farmers and that didn’t work out too well. So rather than kill plants and waste the over abundance  we somehow managed to get from our tomatoes and green peppers we decided we stick to  smaller size planting and just add flowers. Those I can water from the kitchen tap while having coffee.  The garden required my husband hauling water in a bucket from the rain barrel.

bounty from the garden

Oh, yes and I forgot about these huge squashes that no one could identify.  They certainly were not the spaghetti squash I thought I had planted.

IMG_0634 IMG_0635

Another thing that changed our minds about gardening were our neighbours.  I don’t know about where you live, but like I wrote in my book, even when you don’t know or see your neighbours very much, they know you are there.  Our neighbours know who we are, where we come from and how old we are even if visits with them are few and far between.  We often come home to find a box of oranges or tomatoes or apples sitting outside our front door.  So planting a garden which if truth be known in our clay like soil was more that a small challenge, seem to be a waste of food and our limited energy.

It is amazing how wonderful the sun is to look at when you sit back and just enjoy and how harsh it can be when you have to toil in it all day.  I’m for sitting back and just watching these days.  Besides, given how short our summer is I’d rather use the time on something less productive – heck we are retired we don’t have any deadlines to meet.  So the life summertime breathes back into us needs to use for our pleasure not more self-imposed work.


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