Stress is inevitable being stressed doesn’t have to be

Each of us faces different types of stress every day.

How we cope with that stress is what makes it manageable or dangerous to our well being. Our ability to manage it is what really matters.

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Day to day stress that doesn’t have any immediate impact on our health include; something new you have not encountered before. You might travel to a different city and not be sure where or how to get on their transit system. To be sure it will put you in a stressed state, but that stress is only temporary until you get it figured out. Once you do the stress is gone.

stress less with knowledge
stress is reduced with knowledge

Another type stress is something happening that you did not expect. You have an appointment to be somewhere at a certain time. As you are driving to get there the traffic suddenly slows to a crawl and you are now stressed that you will be late. Once you arrive at the appointment, late or not, the stress will be gone. It may be gone only to replaced with another such as they can no longer take you and you have to reschedule. Nonetheless, the original stress is gone.

In some situations, this type of stress can be being good for us in the sense that it heighten our response system. It gets our brain into gear to deal with this unusual situation. Once we have done so our body goes back to its normal rhythm. Think of it as an exercise you suddenly got roped into taking. At the beginning you might have been reluctant to do it but when you finished your body was better from the workout. Your brain can benefit from the exercise the sudden, short and benign occurrence of stress.

The concept of being continually stressed is when stress becomes hazardous to our health.

This type of stress is often described as chronic stress. This type of stress can cause wear and tear on our mind and body. It can be the result of a demanding and unfulfilling job, an unhealthy relationship, any type of stress that is repetitive with, it appears, no end in sight. The fact is even this stress can be managed, but only when you decide to make the changes that may be required to remove, modify it.

The trick is to recognized and assess the stress and if you determine to be of an acute nature take the necessary steps to reduce, alleviate or remove it from your life.

You have the power within you to STRESS LESS, you just need to learn how.

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We all face stress every day. How we cope with stress is what makes it manageable or dangerous to our well being is what really matters.

You have the power within you to STRESS LESS, you need to learn how.Here is a little book that just might help you to do that.

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