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This book was written to help aging parents in downsizing their stuff with out actually moving.  The real intent was to demonstrate that without purging while you are still able your children will be left with the burden of doing so for you or grieving twice.  Grieving twice means that after you are gone they will be left with deciding what to do with what you have left behind.

The purpose of this was to help children of elderly parents who need to make changes in their life have that conversation.  A conversation that is non confrontational and that is helpful rather than hurtful.  Aging parents more often that not realize when a change is needed, but they don’t want or need to have their children to come charging in to the rescue. They want to have a conversation that when asked can result in the children helping rather than taking over their lives.

As a Senior myself I know that most of us would prefer to remain in our own home as they age, but doing so requires some work on our part. Work that need to start soon rather than later.  I wrote this book to high what that work might be an how you can make some of those changes with the cost of major renovations. 

This book cover some of the things I did not cover in my first book “Staying Home”.  As I age myself and listen to my friends I realize that for our family’s the question of remaining in our own homes was more about our safety than anything else.  And that resulted in the concept “if you can’t be safe, you can’t stay home”. So this book address some to of those safety issue and help you to reconize once again that if you are proactive these are things you can do that will allow you to stay home alone as you age.

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