Have you started your plan for living life on Your Terms yet?

For some just the idea of planning, especially when it a plan for living, is a challenge, they think it is a waste of time.  If that is you just remember the old saying – not planning is a plan to fail.  The other thing to consider is that if you are not planning things the way you want them to be, others will make the plan for you.

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Planning is not as difficult as it might appear, nor is the task as daunting as it is often made out to be.  The plan covers areas you are already dealing with day to day and sets them out in a way they the can be managed and addressed in a proactive manner.  Consider the following areas and ideas when you look to creating your own plan.



The topics you may want to included in the plan as you can see below are personal and clearly,  not one size fits all;





One way to tackle creating your personal power plan for living life on your terms is to consider each letter on its own.


The P is the part where your prepare and gather and ponder all the information you need on your current physical and psychological position.  Using this information your can then design a plan that works for living your life on your terms.


The next letter  L is for learning and using the lessons to become the authority on your current status.  Only when you educate yourself and learn what it takes to remain in control or retake control will you be able to live life on your terms.


The A stands for two very critical pieces of the plan – acceptance and action.  Some of the information you gather may be something you didn’t want to know, much less agree with.  But if you have received it from the right source and you confirmed it to be fact then you must be willing to accept it and act on what the evidence affirms as necessary.    Especially if that information declares that unless you take action you will be unable reach your goal.


It may require Nnerve to actually enact the plan and you may have others who scoff at the audacity of even attempting it.  Having the nerve and being courageous is what you need to live life on your terms.  If you have planned correctly and have the data to back it up you have won the battle.  Especially when you have the evidence confirming its’ validity.  It is then a proven plan for a better, healthier and happier lifestyle – whose to argue the results.  You may discover others will follow your example.

This should give you if nothing else, food for fodder, but most importantly a guide for creating a plan for living life on your terms.

The alternative is far less appealing!

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