Why Spring Thaw being late could spell trouble

Ahh, Spring, don’t you just love it?

Spring – Time for a walk in the wild.

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For most young people it is no big problem it just requires some change in plans. For us older folks it has an adverse effect on our health. Winter in locations where it brings a freezing temperature and a lot of snow and ice has seniors huddled down inside.

Keep those boots with good treads handy.

When spring gets delayed, that mean less time to keep those joints moving and longer for our bodies to start carrying a little more weight. Neither of which is a good thing. One of the key elements of aging well is to keep moving. Most older people do so by walking with the caveat to that being not to walk where you have the potential for slipping and falling.

So here is the big issue with a delay in the spring thaw. Two things happen neither of which is good for us.

The first is that for those with concern over falling, they become less mobile for a longer period. Getting active again is harder on the body and take a toll on our emotional health. Yes, it true not be able to get out and about can result in mild forms of depression.

The second is when those of use stubborn enough to believe that we are fit enough to deal with a little ice head out and into danger. That danger could well have us falling and breaking something that will once again make us house bound. Not good for our physical or our mental health.

The message here is to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON, but wait for spring to carry OUT your outdoor activities!

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