Retirement Comes ……

at the most inappropriate times, sometimes!
For some retirement is not an option, either you have reached the “corporate deemed” retirement age or you have been caught up in corporate right-sizing frenzy or perhaps you have been lucky enough to make the decision on your own. No matter how it happens it often catches you before you’ve caught on to what requirement will really mean.

I’m sure each of you has gone through the financial issues and have made the appropriate plans with respect to the money you will need once you are retired. The one thing that often gets overlooked is what is our life going to look and feel like when you wake up the morning after retirement. No, I’m not talking about the possible or probable hangover. I am talking about what you need to consider  after you retire.

To give you something to think about the day after retirement we have created a report that addresses those things. They will give you food for thought if nothing else.

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