Keep in the Swing

Reclaim your youth by refusing to take on the role of frail

Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t remain youthful in attitude and actions.

Keep in the Swing
Never too old to Swing

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As with everything in life if you snooze you lose. In your youth, you want to grab hold of everything life shows always in a hurry to not lose the moment. Getting older is no different. Sitting back and dozing as the world and opportunities to join it pass you by is akin to not having lived at all.

Refuse to hold onto Youth by Faking Frail

How often have said Oh I can’t do that or Oh I’m too old to do that? Tell me, who besides you told you that? One of the things that keep many women and some men from doing the things that in their heart they really want do is vanity. Yup, you read it here! Vanity is too often overlooked or not viewed as the real reason so many older adults don’t partake in many activities.  The difference is that as we get older we tend to exchange vanity for frail.

Wasted Youth

The saying life is wasted on the young is no truer than when we claim to be too old for something. Waste no more time NOW is the time to reclaim whatever you thought was only for the young. Forget your vanity, it doesn’t fit with your age. Vanity belongs to the young. Forget your claim of being too old.

Being vain is as bad as faking frailty. Both are useless endeavors. Take a stand and do everything you want to do. Who cares if your hair doesn’t as good as it used to, who cares if you have a bit of pooch, who cares if you are not as slim as you want to be. NO ONE, except YOU!  Relish in the gift aging gives you,  I read somewhere and wrote it another post that at 50 you become invisible and at 60 your cease to exist and if that is true, then GREAT.  If no once else sees you, you can do whatever, whenever you want with no one to judge.

Now, this is the only time and the only topic of which you will see me write – it is time to give up, give in and give out on the age excuse. Don’t use your age and self-professed frailty to not do or try something new, different and dare I say exciting!

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