Personal Growth is a DYI Project

We are all attempting to change something in our lives and often it is the actions of others. At heart, we are also aware that we can’t change other people the only people we can change is ourselves. That knowledge also creates another challenge and that challenge is knowing what we need to change in ourselves that will help to create the life we want. What we need to change often eludes us when we attempt to ponder it into our minds. Journalling has been found as one of quickest ways to make the needed changes. By writing in a journal about what you are thinking, why you are thinking that way, how you feel about it you are better able to understand your personal relationships with those things. This is because you have to sort through the mental clutter to write it down and provide details on why you do what you do and feel what you feel. That Journaling process provides a guide to help you recognize yourself and some of the areas that you may want to consider changing to reach your personal goals. This journal provides you the opportunity and framework for capturing those thoughts and feelings using some of the prompts offered on some of the pages of the journal.

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