Summer time is kid time, not so much your time

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Are you ready? Most parents and grandparents love and hate summer simultaneously.

The kids and grandkids are out of school and their fun begins. That is of course if you have arranged all the summer activities, made arrangements for visits and all those necessary summer camps. Above all kids need to be kept busy, are else you will continually hear how bored they are.

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Isn’t it strange how the origin of kids not going to school in the summer was so that they could help with the farming and crops? With most family no longer farming the tables have turned.  For most parents, the days of needing the kids to help on the farm have been turned into days of you helping them stay occupied and out of trouble.

I can image that challenge is bigger especially in cities and towns where there is just not much for kids to do, especially for 8 t0 10 hours a day, 7 days a week for 8+ weeks. Wow,  tires me out just writing about it.

Things are not much different if you are a grandparent. For many of you, summer may be the time when you become full-time babysitters. Parents still need to work and leaving the kids alone is not the best plan. So if there are grandparents in the vicinity the kids often go there. Being close by is, of course, the best scenario, but in this global economy that is not always the case. Some kids go to spend the whole summer with grandparents that live far away.

Still, as a grandparent having the grandkids come to visit is always a happy time. But, of course, it requires planning on your part as well.

So I thought instead of just of going on and on about the downside I would give you some ideas of things we have done to help keep our granddaughter engaged.

1. walking in the field by a creek, or even a nearby park with pond – so many interesting things to point out and pick up that as a city kid she doesn’t see.

streams or creeks are great places to explore

2. planting a garden to go – in a small garden frame she planted seeds and water them daily and when it was time to go home, she had her own little garden to take with her. And maybe still keep her engaged at home

lettuce patch to go

3. scavenger hunt – this was a good option even a small backyard or indoors when it rained. Hiding little treasures for her to find to our surprise kept her going for much longer than we thought. Kids attention spans are usually short, but as long as she kept finding things, the more willing she was to hunt.

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