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Never give up or give in when it comes your mind and your memory.

An active mind is the best medicine when it comes to keeping the memory intact.


The brain's potential is limited only the body that owns it!


The Brain’s potential is only limited by the body that owns it.


We all experience some issues with minds and memory but dismissing them is not an option as you get older.  Accepting those lapses with “that is just what happens as you get older” is giving in and giving up on yourself. And it only happens when we get too lazy to challenge old beliefs.

Loss of your mind and memory are a common concern as we age, but it isn’t always a foregone conclusion of some sinister disease.  No matter what your current age you can help to ward off issues.  Minds and memory have a little of the “use or lose it” mantra associated with them.

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So if you are on the retirement short list as the song goes – don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

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Getting older does have your brain slowing just a little.  What do you expect after years of having to be ready and able to react in the appropriate way to all the stuff thrown at it.  As you approach retirement and when retired the information you were required to process and act on is also reduced. So give your brain a break.  That break, however, doesn’t mean you should let it stop working.  When you are working your brain pretty much has to respond to routine activities related your job. Even if that work varied day to day the process was closely related,


Aging and loss of brain cells are not given.

Take for instance an assembly line worker whose job it is to pick out the less than optimal products as they go by on the belt.  One might think it as mindless work when in fact it actually requires the brain to concentrate harder and to act by sending the message to the hand to act quickly remove the unacceptable product as soon as it comes into view.  Contrast that with an executive who deals with hundreds of different issues and concerns every day.  Most of the concerns he/she hears or sees can be broken Intro 3 categories, financial, personnel, or process.  Both their minds are constantly challenged with making decisions that could have huge consequences.

This short report can help you do just that.

Each of us has the ability to maintain our cognitive mind and the options for doing so are only as limited as our willingness to take part in them.  Here are  a couple of options  Mind Games, Mindfulness


3 thoughts on “Never give up or give in when it comes your mind and your memory.”

    • Donald, lIke you I read and write on the internet. I do research for my books. I also do something I think keeps our memory working, that many do without realizing it. I read several books on different topics at the same time. That way when I leave one to read another and then come back to it my mind is challenged to remember the story lines, who and what the characters are in each book. I also expand my mind by doing things I don’t think I can ever do. For instance yesterday I learned how to reconfigure and format a mini hard drive watching YouTube. It was something I didn’t really need to do but since I had the drive I figured I should learn how to put it to use.

      How about you Donald, what do you do to keep your mind as sharp and active as it is?

  1. Well, I’m very impressed with your personal program Ruthanne. I like your idea of reading two books at a time, but I haven’t tried that. I fear I’m spending way too much time on internet research.


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