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Time seems to fly by these days even with being made to stay at home for over two years. We have become lost in our own thoughts with conversation at a minimum.  And while it seems like yesterday the cause for a mandate, long over, seems to have come full circle and on our doorstep again.


However, the world is short on lessons learned, and even with COVID seemingly on the rise again, war and unrest appear just in time to distract us.


There seems to be no limit to the pain and suffering leaders and would be leaders are willing to inflict on their own people let alone their neighbors. What is even more surprising are the number of people who buy into the rhetoric they spew and are willing to do their bidding.  I am at loss to understand much less tolerate the seeming stupidity of mankind when comes to the current events.


It reminds me of an old saying used when I was young and overstepping my bounds – Which given the state of mind of seemingly “intelligent elected officials” could have me jailed?


The saying was – Who Died and Made You God! Derived from Romans 2, 4 (according to google). I’m no evangelist but seems to me some might find my interpretation distasteful.


But tell me at what point do rational people stop listening and doing what the radical side of humanity ask, no demand of them. I wonder what would happen if we just stopped listening, stop watching and turned our backs, and don’t mean that literally I mean physically. Okay I know that is a pipe dream, but an old lady can still dream. Dream of decent people just walking out and slamming the door behind, letting these pathetic creatures really have to fend for themselves.


If we were lucky, they would either starve or poison themselves because I can’t image any of them having had cook for themselves for a really long time. Heck they probably don’t even know where the stove or refrigerator are.


Oh, and while I’m on the rant about fools, some should remind those truckers who disrupted the lives of so many innocent people during their so called protest about just how stupid and insignificant their concerns were and are. If they doubt it have them tell their sad vaccine story the people in Ukraine, and now the people of Israel and Gaza.  Yes, I’m Canadian and we have those radical here to, don’t think I’m just picking on the rest of the world.


So, tell me what you are doing (even if only online or on your own mind) to ward off this new scourge of the earth and the real threat that these few will take over and destroy the world as we knew it. I can’t say know it because what we have come to know makes even me (whose life’s motto has been to never give in, give up or give out) wonder where it will all end.  It also makes me thankful in some way that I’m nearing the end of my life and not just starting out.



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