My how times have changed and we need to keep up!

A music channel the other day was playing a song titled “forty and fading”.   It was recorded in the 50’s when many of us now Oldies were young.  It was both amusing and disconcerting.  I can’t imagine anyone today thinking of fading in their forties.  Many would say that they are in the prime of their life.

One might say I’m 40 and what have I done, while another might say I’m forty and look what I’ve done!

I know two men in their 40’s who expressed each of those thoughts.  Oddly enough both have good jobs, and both were just starting their MBA.  One is excited about where it will take him in the future.  The other is concerned that by the time he is through the courses and gets his degree, he will be too old to benefit from it. It will be interesting to see where these thoughts take both of them when they join the fifty plus group.

My thoughts were taken to those of use who are passed the 50 plus group.  Even we can not give up on keeping educated.  Education that ends with a graduation, no longer means you are finished.  No matter what your you need to keep learning.

With the constant change in even our basic technology, if we don’t keep learning as we age the day could come when we are no longer able to make a phone call.  Just consider in the past  60 years.  We have gone from one phone in the hallway that you listen to the ring tone to know if was for your home.  Where today, you carry your personal phone in your pocket and pick the ringtone you want to hear.

Phones nowadays are more than just a phone; there are so many apps available you are virtually carrying around you home and office in your pocket.  Now from your phone, you have not only your friends and family numbers and email addresses, but you’ve also got their pictures, and if one of them decides to come over for dinner you’ve got an app to get a recipe and grocery list to make it.

For the office/work, you’ve got your bosses email just in case on the way to work you decide you need to take a personal day you can let them know.  Also, if you want to get you timesheet submitted or finish a report you can do so on the phone and email.

For us oldies, just keeping all that straight can be a challenge and when they find more things for it to do we had better have been keeping up with it by constantly educating ourselves.


Along with every change in tangible things comes a change in perspective.


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