Clean Your House Before You Leave – New book in progress

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One of the most difficult tasks families faces when a loved one dies dealing with their personal effects.  This book is NOT for the family left; it is for YOU before you go.

No one wants their family to have to grieve twice; this book is intended to give you the tools and knowledge that will go a long way to prevent that.

I have lived long enough to witness to many of my friends and family have to deal with these things.  So it is my desire to do some that will help ensure others don’t have to.  So while I am writing this book to help others, it is also a reminder for myself to address these things before my sun sets for the last time.

Which of course I am assuming will not be for many happy years to come.  But one thing I know for sure is that once we have cleaned our house we won’t have to worry about when the time to leave arrives.


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