Reading and Writing help to keep our minds active and engaged. But learning keeps them active, alert and alive in an ever change world.

Below are Three of My Recent Books

Getting older for many means suffering from back pain. For women the reasons range from carrying kids around, to lugging groceries considered just normal wear and tear on our bodies. Even women who have been careful to stay fit also find themselves experiencing back. 

I was one of the later, but as I aged back pain crept in which is the main reason for this book.  I looked for ways to manage by back without medication and what I found I put in this book.

Back Pain is not only a woman’s issue many men also suffer and while theirs is the result of other life choices this book will help them as well.

Who doesn’t want to grow old in their own home?   I can’t think of any senior who would not want to do so, but for many that wish could be at risk. 

The reason has to do with safety.  I know of several of my friends who wished to stay in their home but their choice to do so was taken away. Why?  Sadly 9 times out of 10 it  was the families concern about safety. 

That is why I wrote this book.  I wanted to know what I had to do to ensure and convince other that I could and would be safe in my own home.  I am sharing what I learned with you in this book.

A familiar refrain is – If you can’t be safe you can’t be stay home.


As the youngest of 7 siblings most now gone I faced this challenge more than once with not only parents but a brother and sister.  My sister was 18 years my senior and my brother 16 years. My parents lived to be much older than my siblings when they died. Mom at 91, my sister at 75, my brother 78. Each time it was different and each one required me to see things in a different light.  I learned a lot with each experience, even about myself. I also learned that what they were going through and what they wanted or needed was difficult due to the large gap in age.  My perception of the world came from my own experience. I needed to see if from theirs. Easier said than done.  What learned from these experiences is what I put into this book with the goal of decreasing the challenge for others have to do the same.

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