Move it or lose it is the mantra for the young (50-60) crowd

The move it or lose it saying is true for most things. You know things like weight. And it works as I have noted in other posts, the discovery I have made recently is that some parts of the body some days just refuse to be moved. Do you recall in your 40’s how you could move to dance, jog, ski and even climb mountains.

I would suspect that barring any physical injury you could pretty much do the same in your 50’s. Now I think you may have slowed down just a little when you hit the 60 range, but let me tell you, cherish what was left, and do whatever you can to move it, cause it ain’t gonna be there forever.

I was 60 when my granddaughter was born and by the time she was moving enough for me to have to catch her my mobility had decreased significantly. I never paid much attention to the why, though, I was just annoyed that I could not keep up with her when she would say “come on Gramma let’s play tag!” Running had become out of the question, even a fast walk would take its tole on my quickly. It was never due to my being out of breath; it was my legs that would not keep up the pace. At that time I was not heavy or extremely overweight. So I couldn’t put my finger, and what it was that kept my mobility so limited. I exercised daily, mostly on my gazelle or pilates machine and figured that would keep me in pretty good shape. If you recall either in an earlier post in my book Aging Safely at Home, I spoke of how I had realized the need to stay mobile if you want to remain in your home as you age, shared what I used to do so.

Well, life somehow determines some of the paths you follow, and I discovered, over time not overnight, that my body didn’t really care what I was doing to stay mobile, it was reacting to what happened earlier in my life and was only now letting it catch up. Now in my 70′ those accidents and events that I brushed off as lucky and then gave not more thought to as healed, have come home to roost and the move it or lose thing has been turned on its head. Today I have to be careful how I move because if I do so the wrong way I will lose the ability to do so for much longer periods of time. A small but painful reminder came the other day when I was doing some stretching. I turned and heard more than felt a pop in my back and suddenly I could not move. It took several minutes for me to steel myself against the pain and get to a chair. Thinking the chair would keep me upright I struggled to sit, which was a relief until I attempted to get up.

I laugh at myself because I also wrote a book on back pain which I think I need to reread and heed. You can get it here if you’ve a mind to managing back pain

Long term relief for back pain as you age.
Long term relief for back pain as you age.
and not be as thoughtless as I about my ongoing health or lack thereof.

2 thoughts on “Move it or lose it is the mantra for the young (50-60) crowd”

  1. As I get older I tend to live by the Ancient Greek saying ie everything in moderation and nothing in excess so that sedate walking has become my most used form of exercise and strenuous jogging is a no no. Throw in a bit of bowling which is playing havoc with my knees and the occasional swim and that does it for me. I also do weightlifting by carrying my groceries up two flights of stairs on a regular basis, so that I feel I do exercise but in a more moderate way than I did when younger. I have no car which means I have to walk and I see this as beneficial for my overall body health including my aging brain

    • Heh, what ever works, right? It is up to us and by now I think all of should know what our bodies like and what they don’t.
      We all need to keep moving not how fast or slow lest someone thinks we are dead and starts thowing dirt over us.


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