Money isn’t everything, but…

without money from somewhere, you just can’t live!

Even the poorest of us has a need for money.  That money may come from a nonprofit organization, but it comes in the way of food or clothing in developing countries.

A major problem for others in developed countries is that their world is changing at very rapid rate.  The aging population doesn’t have enough money to sustain them.  The next generation is finding it difficult to get work that will support them above the poverty level and may well end up worse off than current seniors.
All of this is scary stuff, but there is one bright spot shining in the distance.  That light is the internet.  As the internet grows and access to it increases even in the poorest of countries hope for a brighter future glows and grows.

One encouraging note is that those that are internet savvy also appear to have larger than life entrepreneurial spirits.  They have big dreams and along with those dreams, wishes to see their fellow human beings being lifted out the pit of poverty. Even more promising is that they are actually attempting to do something concrete about it.


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