You are the master of your life, let’s hope your rule it well.

How you master your life may be seen differently by others.

As we get older what we show to others is often not what we feel.  Aging has a language all it own, don’t fall into the trap of living in a story someone else is telling.

Conversation keeps our minds engaged

How often have you had someone say, oh you wouldn’t understand.

Hold on!  That’s what we used to say to children and we are no longer children.


Your response should be “Try Me, I may surprise you.”

When you get on in age what people perceive as a lack of understanding to us is something not worthy of a response. So when we choose not to take part in their conversation, they think we don’t know what is going on.

Being the master of your life may require you to get a little louder, to speak a little stronger, and to make your voice heard even when the conversation is a little boring.  Staying engaged in conversation demonstrates that what you think and have to say is still relevant.  The last thing you should be doing as you get older is confirming your redundancy with silence.

talking with young people opens your mind

Living longer has taught us that the only universe we are masters of is our own.  The issue is that as we get older if we aren’t mastering it others will try to take over. How we act allows them to think they have the right to do so.  Don’t hand over your rule without a fight. And that fight will require you to be strong of mind, able in body and fierce in spirit.

A strong mind isn’t all that difficult to achieve.  It does, however, mean that you need to keep up with what is going on around you and in the world.

Being able in the body may be a little more difficult as some parts are reluctant to move as nimble as before.  One of the first orders of business can be some as simple as improving flexibility.  Nothing says old as struggling to move or bend. You don’t have to run a marathon or even to the end of the street.  You do have to stretch your body a little every day and attempt to stretch different parts a little farther each day.




Fierce in spirit means expressing yourself. The important part of expressing yourself is doing so graciously, not in ways that have you appearing cranky or outright nasty.  If you think that acting miserable will give people the feeling you are the master of your world, you’d be wrong.  They will just see you as unhappy with your world.

So when mastering your world do so thoughtfully and in ways the show you are in control not in need of being controlled.  Being happy helps to demonstrate it.  And we have a FREE book to help you with that.- How to be Happy –

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