Living well needs a good strategy- is your’s done yet?

If you google “strategy” you will find that it mostly refers to military and war, well that is not what this strategy is about.

We are more about peace and goodwill which trust me when I say the older you get the more peace you look for and the more good will you’ll need.

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In your minds-eye, you see yourselves as alway being energetic, and able to do whatever you want, from running to hiking or maybe just walking. What is your strategy for doing so?  Are you planning some life changes?  Are you thinking about how you will address whatever could hold you back for living the life you want?

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Are You exercising more now?  Are you eating better now?   Are you getting enough sleep now?  And most importantly are you doing this without having to take any medication or enhancement product to help you to do them?

Some people use equipment to exercise, not remembering that most of them only move certain parts of the body and put more stress on others.

When it comes to eating what you putting in this body you need to last longer than ever before? Are you eating what you cook at home or are you getting delivered some of those pre-packaged diet plan meals?

Are you ready for a 30-year retirement?

Well, given how much longer we are now living that could come to pass. Maybe that freedom 50 won’t be that appealing if you don’t have the money or the mobility to use it. But more importantly, how will you feel about it? Just because we are living longer doesn’t mean we will be doing so with the vitality of our youth.

No matter what your current age, NOW is the time to develop a strategy that starts where you are, focuse on doing what you can with what you have.

You will be surprised how energizing and strong just thinking about your strategy will make you.

Will your strategy for your health be to learn what is best for you to enable you to do the things you want now and in the future?  Will your strategy include what you will do when your body tells you it just isn’t willing to do some the moves it did when you were younger?

Will your strategy include how you are going to keep you mind as sharp as it is today?  Along with that will your strategy include keeping you in tune with what is going on in the world and the effects any and all changes will have on your life?


technolodgy-and-aging-manOr is your strategy going to one where you close yourself and your minds off from what all the changes you will surely encounter?  If so then perhaps you need to rethink your strategy and include a path to learning about how it fits into your world.

Does your strategy also take into consideration changes you will have no control over personally but will nonetheless have an impact on how you live your life?  Some of these external influences will make your life better, some may make it worse you need to include them in your plan if you are to thrive as that 30-year retirement comes to be.

Aging will occur like it or not!

We need to be vigilant about the changes coming but not be afraid.  Fear is just as damaging to our lives as poor health or lack of money.  Aging will happen no matter how hard we fight it.  We can make it better only when we face what it holds and do not try to hide from it.  You can’t, it will find you wherever you go.  Having a strategy on how you are going to manage it, will give you the strength to turn and face it and in some case stare it down.  If you can do this you will live healthier, happier and longer.



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