living requires life long learning no matter what your age

Everyone,  no matter what age or situation in life,  needs to embrace life-long learning.

That goes doubly for our aging population who has lived a life of change that came quicker than anyone could ever have imagined.  These changes required learning on the fly.

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Kids get a structured education and even lessons on how to learn.  For many of us that are getting older, it’s a struggle just keeping up with information coming at us from every direction.

Here is the good the bad and the ugly of learning as you get older.
The GOOD – opportunities to learn are everywhere
The BAD –  it is difficult to know which of the opportunities provide truthful and valid information
The Ugly – Some of the misinformation can be dangerous  to our well-being


The information arrives without any semblance of order, it may suddenly appear on your facebook page.  We never really know why, but it is mostly because facebook tracks your actions and interests.   Facebook then shows you what it thinks is of interest to you. So while learning about what is happening in the world at large is mostly good don’t be duped into thinking that you have to learn about everything you see.  So while living longer does require you to never stop learning it is important that the learning doesn’t get become overwhelming.  Knowing what you need to learn is just as important as the learning itself.

The sooner you learn about managing your health the better.
Learning to manage your health it is critical to aging well.

Living longer requires you to learn more but it also requires you to be discerning about where you are getting your education. There are also several aspects to what needs to be learned.

One is about your own health, and what you need to learn to keep yourself healthy.  The other is about the changes and new discoveries in health care that may one day have an impact on your health.

Learn to use current technology

This is learning to use the current technology to your benefit.  Technology is more friend than foe when comes to your independence as you age. Some find the new technology a challenge and it is, but learning how to use it is what will keep you safe.  It may also be just the thing you need to give others the confidence that you can indeed live an independent life. Whether it’s getting up to speed with an iPad or updating your old phone to a smart phone keeping up with technology is extremely beneficial.



Staying Home as You Age

If you have read my book on Aging Safely at Home you will remember the key statement: If you can’t be safe you can’t stay in Your Home and it could be your family, not you who will decide that you need to be in A Home.

If you haven’t read it you can get it HERE

The other is that technology changes in a heart beat so keeping abreast of those changes can make life so much simpler. Once you learn about the tools available to help you will wonder what took you so long.


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