Are you Living in the moment or for the future?

Most of us are living in the moment.

Living in the moment

And that was great when you are young, it is what life is about at that age. As you age though you need to be living For the future. It is what you are doing at this moment that may determine what your future will be.

Getting older requires more thoughtful living.

think about what’s really important

Be aware of not only your surroundings but your health as well is important to your future.  And it may surprise you to know that it also means that you should not get caught up in dwelling on your health.

For some aging brings to the forefront concerns over our health that have no actual facts attached. Certainly getting older does bring with issues, but that is not always the case. Being thoughtful of your health doesn’t mean you should be consumed by it. Keep in mind the old adage – Don’t look for trouble when there isn’t any… ’cause if you don’t find it, you end up creating it.

Many of the real health concerns as you age come from not paying attention to what you have been told you should.

Those tend to be;
blood pressure
high cholesterol

The message being – tend to what need tending and let go of things that don’t

So you can still live in the moment as long as while doing so you keep an eye on the future and remember they are connected.

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