Live Live Our Way

Live life with audacity not impatience


Live Life Our Way

One benefit of aging is that we no longer have to worry about how to live life.  Growing older gives us license to be audacious.  Living life on our terms makes life so much simpler than trying to live up to other people’s expectations

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Thankfully we are now at a place in our lives when we can take comfort from the song – it’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.  Don’t remember it?  Well, then I guess you at the age where you being audacious is viewed as disrespectful.  Have reached or being close to retirement age disrespect is something we seniors now refuse to accept and do so with audacity.

It’s Our Party

For those of you that do remember the song, we don’t want to cry we want to shout from the rooftops that not only is this now our party it is our time! We are now able to Live Life our way without living up to someone else’s expectations.


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So if we seem to live with impatiences it is a result of wanting to live with audacity and grow weary of being told we are too old for this, too old for that.  We are too old for nothing and having lived this long we no longer have to heed those words.  We become impatient to start doing whatever it is that others say we are too old to do.

No Fear

Living the rest of our days in fear is something we now know is a waste of time.  Our age has taught us to be fearless, not foolish.  It would be foolish to not take advantage of what aging offers.  And while we want to act boldly we must also act wisely.

Consider this;

Most of us couldn’t wait for retirement – we were conditioned to believe they would be the best years of our life.  We wouldn’t have to get up and go to work; we could do nothing if we wanted, but laze around, golf, fish, do crafts, have coffee with friends.  But how many of us knew or considered how we could or would do these things for 30 years?

That’s right, 30 years! 

The good health so many of us now enjoy allows many of us to live far beyond the golden years of our parents and grandparents.  Wonderful – but what do we do with all that time?

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Well, that is where we get to be audacious and quell our impatience.  We have more time to wait we do not have to rush into what life has to offer.  We have more time to muster up the courage to take a ride on that zip line.  And we are now bold enough to do it.

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