Live a life of rich reflection not one of regret and rebuke

Even while living  a life of rich reflection there are still times when you will without realizing it turn to reflections of regret or rebuke.  Not a very healthy practice if your goal is to live a happy life.

What do you think of when sitting alone looking off into nowhere?  Do your thoughts take you to a place of regret?  Do your thoughts come to rest on someone or something you think you still need to settle a score with?

Most of us have done or said things in our lives that we regret  but that doesn’t mean we can not live a happy and full life.

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Allowing them to festure and even control our thoughts does means we are missing out on the pleasures the thoughts of what was and is good about life, bring.


Allowing these thoughts to enter our consciousness and to do so on a regular basis makes them more difficult to discount.  It takes concsious effort to rid our minds  of those thoughts an effort too many of us are unwilling to put in, to our own detriment.  Rich reflection can take us to those places that made us feel happy, fulfilled and provides a pathway to replicating them.  Those rich reflections can also take us back to the day when we didn’t mind our own reflection in the mirror.  Oddly enough many of the things we regret are things that we can still change without fear of retribution being met out on us.  Rich refection can; help us see what can be changed, help us make the change; as well as help us to accept the things we can not change, while still being happy with our lives.

Just as you don’t want to focus on being on the receiving end of retribution neither should you be reflecting on some payback you never got the satisfaction of giving someone else.

Reflections that focus on regret are those that take us to places that have us repeatedly echoing unhealthy feelings. Repeated feelings of past disappointments and rejection make it difficult for us to look to the future with anticipation.

Life should be viewed with delight and the thrill of the moment no matter if the moment is felt at 40 or at 80.  It is these rich reflections that leave us feeling strong and full of energy long after the thoughts have left our minds.


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