Life on the edge.

Do you ever feel that you are just on the edge of Something?  That could be something good or something bad, but it is something.  As we get older many seniors that “on the edge” feeling in usually something bad.  I am not quite sure why but that is where many of the senior’s thoughts I speak to go.  Is it true there really is something bad one the edge, the answer is NO!  And that is what I want to share.  Life is and will always be the way we believe it to be and if we believe we are on the edge of some disaster, some disaster large or small is sure to follow.

I prefer to think of life on the edge has something new, exciting and wonderful waiting to happen.  I am content to be on edge waiting for it to occur.  In my books on aging, you will ofter read about attitude, what it can do for you or to you.  That is kind of what life on the edge is like.  Living life on the edge truly depends upon how you think about life.  It can either throw you over into the abyss or have you soaring on the wind waiting to find some wonderful place to land.

What brought this topic to mind was a website I happened on about travel call Road Scholars.  If you haven’t figured out by now I am all about learning even if I do have to keep learning the same things over and over.  That due to a stroke the occurred some time ago.  Anyway, this site caught my attention because was about travelling and learning, not just going somewhere to sit in the sun.  Their mission really struck a cord with me.

Read it for yourself and tell me you are not inspired to take a different road for a holiday the puts you on the edge of Something.

OUR MISSION (I am paraphrasing here)

 Road Scholar’s, mission is to inspire adults to learn, discover and travel.  With learning adventures that  provide extraordinary access, and stimulate discourse and friendship among people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime.

Let’s go there!

Road Scholar learning adventures are designed to enrich, thrill, and challenge you.

That’s why we offer trips with different levels of structure, from detailed itineraries packed with learning experiences to lightly structured schedules with generous free time. What all Road Scholar trips have in common is privileged access to some of the most extraordinary people and places in the world today.

If that doesn’t get you thinking about a different kind of holiday, check your pulse you may not be well.


What fun, to travel and learn about different things in different places.

This is for sure on my bucket list.

If you are interesting a different kind of holiday and really looking to live life on the edge here is link to Road Scholar’s website



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