Life is what you make it! What are you doing for the 3rd Act?

How often have we heard the saying “you get what you give”, well life is no different you get out of it what you put into it or think of as you live it. As Jane Fonda call it the third act.[bctt tweet=”Jane Fonda says of us older people, we are in the 3rd act. I like that but would ask how many acts there are in this play?” username=”KoyamaRuth”]

I often refer to it as attitude, but by any name, it can determine your today and all of your tomorrow.

Listen to what Jane had to say about it.
[ted id=1313]

When we give ourselves more time, more consideration and change our attitude from have not to have just consider what could happen in the 3rd act of our life.[bctt tweet=”The third act of our lives could be the best act of all if we give life our ALL! Are you with me?” username=”KoyamaRuth”]

In my up coming book “Life On My Terms” you will once again see that I believe  it is our attitude that makes or breaks how we live our lives.  And now with Jane Fonda confirming live life as we get older  should not be diminished due to aging and  I am more committed than ever to living even larger in  this 3rd Act.

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