Life is not about survival of the fittest, it is survival of the most informed


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Now that you know you don’t have to be the best in the gym, why not become the best-informed on the internet. Given the tools and options available to all of us there is no good reason for us not to be informed.  The question is what should we be asking ourselves to be informed about?  As noted previously our inability to make decisions for ourselves can become a serious issue if not addressed.  One of the decisions that require our attention is how we live our lives.  We all know that our health just like aging well takes work, but not just any work.  This work focuses on understanding what is required to keep us healthy and fit as we age.


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The answer is not to just suddenly run out and buy a stepper machine or Bowflex because you see the those buffed bodies on TV.  That is not what being the most informed is intended to convey.  Being informed in this context is about gathering the information on health and exercise as it relates to you and your current stage of life.  Now having said that it also doesn’t mean that just because you have reached a particular stage in life that you no longer need to be concerned about staying fit.  If you are keeping yourself informed, you will know that no matter how old or how young you are the key to staying healthy is moving.  That’s right! Everyone needs to move as many parts of their body as they can for as long as they can. And the secret here is that the more you move, the longer you will be able to move.  It has been proven that even people with previously considered debilitating diseases have managed to improve their lives and to put the brakes on the effects of the illness for longer periods time just by keeping themselves mobile.

This information is not just one person’s perspective it is the culmination of many scientific and medical studies. Sure the concept of it is demonstrated in the sound bites on television of a man who has Parkinson’s disease riding in a grueling race, but it is the information behind it that substantiates the action.

Aging Well Takes Work

Is this information sufficient for you to get on your bike and ride?  No.  This information is simply information about someone else’s life, not yours.  Being informed means that you keep informed about your health, not other people’s.  It also means that you understand your state of health today, tomorrow and what it may be in the future. Once you have informed yourself about that, then you need to yourself informed about what you can do to maintain, improve or promote your future health.  Another important fact of survival and being informed is that the information changes, new medical breakthroughs, and modifications to what the needs of our physical well-being are being discovered daily.  So the final thought on being informed is that being informed once is not enough, you need to keep informed.  The familiar saying – once and done- is not applicable here.  If you are serious about living well, living happy and living long,  you must then consider staying informed as a life long endeavor.

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