Let’s talk about getting older and then get on with life

[bctt tweet=”Talk now or you may not have a say later.” username=”KoyamaRuth”]Sooner or later we all need to have “the talk”.

Whether it is you talking to a parent or your kids talking to you, it needs to happen.


talk with parents

Having the talk sooner rather than later leaves everyone with more time and less stress on daily living.

Getting older results in changes in how we live our lives, but it should not be considered a bad thing.

What is bad is when we aren’t prepared for some of those changes.  Refusing to talk about it will only cause you to have a more difficult time when the unavoidable happens.

There is a saying – talk is cheap – and in this case thank goodness for that!  Talking about the future and what your needs are or what your parent’s wishes might be won’t cost you anything but time.  Time well spent now because if not done now, it will certainly take a lot longer later.  Sadly for too many who refuse to have the talk the ability to do so later may not arrive.

We all have a life to live and whenever we can do to reduce the stress in our lives the better life we will have. That is true whether you are the aging parent or the adult child of aging parents.

Each of us has a responsibility to have the talk or face what so many other have gone through.  Take a read of what one person had to face;

We never had “the talk”- that discussion we should all have with our parents about where they want to live when they get older, and what arrangements (moving to a retirement or long-term care residence) should be made if they become frail or incapacitated.

My dad was an active, independent guy. And when he and mom decided to move from the city to the county there were the usual discussions about new accommodations, but never financing, wills, medical power of attorney and the like. A week after moving into the new house, my father unexpectedly passed away from congestive heart failure.

My mom was devastated, living in new surroundings with the family who now were thrust fully into caring for her after she had broken her hip a few months later.”

While a sad story it is one all too common in this busy world we find ourselves living in today.

If you are not convinced that the talk in necessary you will find the book I wrote on having these difficult conversations helpful. [amazon_textlink asin=’B01KWAJPDA’ text=’The Hardest Conversation’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’healwealagin-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’13d2a505-1ee7-11e7-9c00-47a32ced971f’]




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