It’s not too late – More and More older adults read eBooks

So you still have time to get the a gift.

Seniors Point to Tablet PC

It is amazing the number of older adults that are reading eBooks.


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My husband and I have hundreds of paperback novels that we have read. While in the mist of downsizing yet again, we wanted to donate these books. We called different senior homes and lodges to see if they would want any. The answer was NO, they said that most of their people had either an ereader, phone, tablet or use the community computer to read books online.  So much so that the lodges and homes had discontinued their on site libraries.

I guess what I have been preaching is proving to be true.  Our aging generation is more tech savvy than they are given credit for.

So if you have waited until the last minute to get something for a friend or older family member it is not too late.  You can send them the gift of an eBook through Amazon, and if you are at a loss as which books to send, one of my might just fill the bill.

Aging Safely at Home

Staying Home in your 70s. 80s and Beyond

The Hardest Conversation

Just, saying – it’s thought and they are age appropriate 🙂


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