Getting them there is only half the battle.

Most kids are excited about the first day of school. After reconnecting with new and old school mates the enthusiasm seems to decline.  Managing that change requires both parent and teacher engagement. 

The teacher’s part comes from creating fact filled fun learning activities on the subject they are teaching. 

The parent’s part lies in providing the tools and encouragement that keeps them organized.  

There is however an other party to your kids success that isn’t structure or organized but is in need of parents guidance.  That is their feelings and thoughts about the school day.  

You can help them with that without actually doing much of anything other than giving them the tools they need to capture those feelings.  Journals and story type notebooks are good tools that you can provide. They are a great way to encourage the kids to  express what is happening in their inner world.

Here are a couple of books I created to help kids express them without have to say a word.

Kid feeling change daily and their emotions are something they some times have difficulty expressing. Here something to help them do it privately.

Older kids who have changed schools or entering middle school often feel alone in a crowd.  This journal and more specifically the title was create to give them space to writing about those feelings and develop their own inner strength to manage them.