Health matters……

even when you don’t know what’s the matter.





like aging means different thing to different people, but there is one common theme about health that is the same the world over. Health care and the lack of a major concern for all seniors. I live in a part of the world considered by many to have one of the best health care systems there is. While I agree ours has been one of the best, I also can see how it is starting to fail. Now having said that what I would like to discuss has me confused about where to include it on my website. I am unsure where it fits, health or aging so I’m going to add a little to each.
Let’s start with being and staying healthy. I’m probably going to get myself into trouble here but what the heck it seems to be where I’ve spent most of my life.

Could our health be determined by our ?august-12-childhood_memories__4-nocal-2560x1440

I believe one of the biggest challenges we have when it comes to staying or being healthy has to do a lot to do with the foods we not only eat but have available or not available to us. I am what they call a zoomer (those born before 1946), and I cannot remember as a child going to a big grocery store. What we ate or bought came from either ours or a local Garden or privately owned country general store. Our meat came from the farmer or a butcher shop that got it from a local farmer. We ate more root vegetables because that was what grew in our neck of the woods.

I know that probably brings visions of a backwoods farm girl, but I grew up in what today would be considered the suburbs. Yes, we had a garden in the backyard but so do many people today. We bought the majority of our food from the local grocer. Not much different than today you might say, so what’s the problem? The problem is that there is little similarity in what we bought then and what we are buying today. Then we bought apples when they were in season, today we buy apples in January that have had some to make them last until January even though they were picked in September. Then we bought tomatoes in July because that was when they were ready in some local garden. Today we buy tomatoes in December that came all the way from Mexico and have been genetically altered to ripen under certain conditions at the destination in some huge chain supermarket.
The whole point to my rambling is that we ate fresh local non-chemically induced foods and, at least, seemed much healthier than we are today. I know that most people will say it was just good genes, my mother lived to be 92 and my grandmother managed to make it to the ripe old of 101. Both died of a natural cause – old age. My concern with respect to our food is the propensity towards produce. I wonder if anyone has done a study to tell us how all of these genetically modified foods have helped or will hurt us long term? Many countries have banned them, and I wish North America would. I know what the intent of them was, but that’s a topic for another time.

Or is our health determined by our environment?

My sister who started her family at the beginning of the era of store bought canned goods, packaged foods, died at the age of 77. Granted she died of cancer, a non-smoker, non-drinker who spent the majority of her weekends at the local smoke-filled legion and with a husband and six kids who all smoked. I still believe that the home environment was the major contributor to here death, I also believe the foods she chose to eat and feed her family were co-conspirators. Her husband had died three years before her and her eldest son three months after her. Both of cancer.

Now where do you think that leaves me? Well, I’m still contemplating whether our health is a result of our genes, diet, lifestyle or our beliefs about life. Now, now, don’t switch the channel or shut me out, I’m not off my rocker but am always searching for new information on how we or external inputs affect our health. My health has been good and bad. Many of the bad has been due to either my misguided lifestyle or an accident caused by others.

How about you, has your life been one of good clean living, have you been fortunate to have avoided all the ailments that seem part of life today? I hope so. As we get older, our health or lack thereof may truly be a reflection of the life we lived in our youth that will impact negatively with our future life.

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