Getting Older Has It’s Challenges – Keeping Up With Technology Being One Of Them

But if there is one thing the senior of today isn’t is out of touch.  Being unwilling to learn new things is a story for our grandparents, not us!  If you are the part of the ‘greatest generation’ or the ‘boomer generation’ you may remember that learning was different in early 1900’s as the communications abilities had not yet been perfected.  Yes, there were telephones and electricity but those were often luxuries that people used sparingly. 

In the early 1900’s Reading was done in daylight, and radios were a source of entertainment and a family event. 

I can remember lying in front of our huge floor model radio listening to the Lone Ranger, television didn’t arrive until I was 10 and the programming was more news than entertainment. 

So I guess by now you have learned that I am part of the greatest generation and have seen many many changes. In my youth running water was a novelty, not a necessity.  Not so today, there isn’t a household that doesn’t have the capability to enjoy hot and cold water in the home, lights, heat, and most importantly the internet.

It was a gentler and less hurried life.  But the world has changed. Getting older is no longer an excuse for not learning how to use the new and yes confusing but very useful items these changes bring.


Pill Reminders - Great for Safely Managing Medication

These might not be overly techie, but the concept gets us started on what is available to help us all during times of need.  If you don’t always need medication these can be most helpful during times of the need for an antibiotic or short term prescription.  It is these that we most often forget, especially when they have not be part of our daily routine.


I keep forgetting if I take my pills or not. I am always multitasking and can’t always remember what I just did or did not do. Does that sound like you? I know it is me!   If so then this is a small step to ensure you stay in control.

Heart Rate Monitors - Not only for the fitness buffs

Fitness Tracker are also time and possibly a live saver for some who need to monitor their heart rate.  Especially if you have been told by your doctor to keep track of you blood pressure.

Once again not a high tech item but also not a high ticket item either and definitely a step in the direction if you are on the quest many of our readers are.  That quest being to remain control of their life and activities as they get older.Bottom line, getting older simple means we have to smarter about how we manage our health.

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