Faith or Folly?

A while back I wrote about whether it was faith or foolishness when we get into a cab and believe that the driver a) will take us where we want to go b) is qualified to do the task.

I think that most of us continue to have faith in humanity or at a minimum faith in the cab company to hire competent people. This is the faith of our industrialized world. But never having taken a cab in a third world country if it occurred I am not sure my faith would stand up and I might consider myself foolish just to hop into some random cab.

So that was a previous post, this post is a little different.

What I am writing about on Faith or Folly is the things we take for granted as we get older and are unprepared for when something goes wrong.

It could be something as simple as an appliance not working. We have faith that when we want to do our laundry, the washing machine will work. But what happens when it doesn’t. It is folly to think it as it ages it will not require some sort of maintenance.

So why do we continue to have blind faith that our bodies and minds will work if we don’t maintain them? Now in this post, I am speaking more of our minds than our bodies, but we will get to that at some point. I am mostly concerned about our minds, which I think is the concern of the larger majority of us as we age.

How often do we actually do things to maintain our cognitive thinking? Sure we read and may even play a game, especially those on our phones. But do we really challenge our minds in a manner that will help us long term? My guess is that most of us don’t.

So I thought I would share with you some of the things I found online that you could use. In fact, I have started using this first one myself.

These are all FREE:


balanced view

Free brain games

Don’t have faith it will all work its self out when it comes to your brain.  It would be folly!  Be proactive and at the very least commit to giving these a try.  It just takes a little time, time you will have forgotten if you don’t take action.


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