Don’t waste time on the obvious when it comes to aging

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The obvious is boring!  Now is our time to be outrageous!

dance whenever the music of life strikes you

Outrageously Happy

We’ve all heard the saying – dance like no one is watching – but have you ever done it?  Probably not.  Now is the time to dance, sing and yes laugh out loud as though no one can see or hear you.  And now is the time to do it with caring even if someone is watching.

Outrageously Adventurous

take every opportunity to do what is least expected of you

Another familiar phrase is – take time to smell the roses – well have you?  Now is the time to step into the garden doesn’t matter whose garden, but step in and step to take in the fragrance of life.  Were you the kid who was afraid to pick the apple hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s tree?  If so go find a tree and take the apple.  It is the privilege of age that will allow you to get away with it.

Outrageously relevant

Don’t look longingly at that rocking chair in the corner unless you are going to use it to rock to the music of your youth.  Being relevant means doing the unexpected. Be relevant in life, by doing what you want, when you want.  But most of all “want” to do something.  Don’t allow life to walk on by. The day will come soon enough when watching may be all you can do.  For now, fight every urge to just observe.


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